Which Way Is Up

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It all boils down to a matter of choice,
Which sounds, of what you choose and who’s voice.
One plus six, two plus five, three plus four—
They all equal seven.
Christianity, Judaism, Islam, opens the door to the kingdom of heaven.

Given five to start and then some a sixth sense,
To add and deduce, calculate, and look beyond the fence.
Ask, seek, knock, it shall be found, and the door opened.
You must do the work, prove your faith; for the Lord has spoken.
Islam, Judaism, Christianity, opens the door to the kingdom of heaven.
Three plus four, two plus five, one plus six— They all equal seven.

So study and prove all things, reveal what’s in your cup;
Then you’ll see, your choice telling you which way is up.


Four Important Letters
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Epistles to:
The Children of Israel
The Christians
The Muslims
The Others


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Look between the lines,
Try to see your part.
Poetry and writing are mine.
Truth is in the art





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