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What is B.E.E.P.? It is an acronym for: 
Black Economic Empowerment Plan
Created by:
Pain Joy Pain Inc. A Non-Profit Organization
Completely transparent everything: Bank Statements, Account Balances, Past, Present & Future Plans. Other than previous Organizations which had ulterior motives and lost the trust of the people. It is for those like minds that attract like minds and are truly ready for a truly powerful economic system that we've been waiting for.

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B.E.E.P. Mission Statement:
Our mission is to establish a truly powerful economic system independent and aside of the one that has oppressed us for hundreds of years. One that will gain the trust and support once again from our own. Our mission is to embrace what was and is written in the scriptures concerning these and other matters. Our mission is to reach out and connect with our prominent brothers and sisters and convince them to aid and assist in this mission only because it is the right thing to do. Our mission is to defeat systematic oppression with B.E.E.P.

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As Salaamu Alaikum,

(Peace be upon you)

March 3, 2017

Dear Concerned Parties,

I am a resident of our city, I’m Muslim, I’m Black and I’m American. I am writing to express concerns which include the following: Social Injustice, Islamophobia, Systematic Oppression, etc. Though these are all extremely crucial and contribute to the dysfunctionality of America, Blacks in particular. I’d like to focus on Black/Urban Economic Empowerment in order to find creative ways to restore our financial independence.

I understand that some in our community have for many years addressed the financial injustices on several platforms by way of marches, voting, petitioning, the list goes on… Many years have passed and I agree that there has been some progress.

However, I am one of roughly 30,000,000 citizens who have to face the everyday lifestyle of the way the system has and continue to deny equal access to the economic system of America. I have also realized that the system will probably never be willing to fix the damage done to its slaves and therefore the process is left in our hands to do this for ourselves.

I have vested my time and energy into initiating a system for those who are in agreement and want to show by way of example, self-endowed economic independence. I have put together a proposal laying out the format detailing this project. I’m confident it will at minimum mimic and or surpass the economic communities of Black Wall street, Rosewood and other economically independent communities.

Granting me the ability to speak so that I can present this to various interested parties would instill the confidence or reignite it in the people who are truly concerned.

I beg you to move forward on the decision to assist me in any way possible so that we may take back our independence from those who are not willing to give it.

I am looking forward to your response!


Raheem Muhammad
Pain Joy Pain Inc.
Metropolitan Ave. S.E.
Suite #18175
Atlanta, Georgia 30316

February 22, 2017
Concerned Parties
People of Color
The Rich & Not So Rich

Dear Concerned Parties,
Every ethnic group creates economic systems and recycle the economy produced from that system many times over establishing and reestablishing businesses, schools, stores, etc. They come together and form conglomerate corporations, then merge with other corporations and use not their own money but monies (ours) from banks and build entities in our communities which we support, giving them even more of our money. They’ve established this system and made it so that we (Black/Urban) are denied this ability of success and we double down by way of not establishing it our own selves. The Jews, Arabs, Chinese, Japanese, Africans, etc., etc., all have taken due to greed and none have implemented social responsibility in order to show appreciation. There were times where we’ve shown some light and it was put out by way of systematic oppression and mass murder by our own government:

Black Wall Street
The Black Panther Party

Since then there were other attempts to create an economic empowerment system for our people: Million Man March, Dr. Umar Johnson School, and others. However, these people have caused misplaced trust in our people because they had ulterior motives by taking and using the money they received from the people for personal use to enrich themselves. Their actions were never meant to be transparent. Guidelines should have been put in place to protect the people’s money as well as the integrity of the establishment. Our Initiative will provide complete transparency and commitment to our goals.

This is a challenge to all those who’ve once upon a time had hope in our society but lost it, a call to those who believe there’s a revelation to be fulfilled, it is a plan of action for those who are ready, willing and able to establish economic empowerment for us as a people of purpose as well as ability.

There is no harm if you take took time to donate whatever you could even if it’s just $1 toward this initiative and be part of something that most have given up on. Instead of giving to those who continue to take and never give back, for once, give to yourself and keep track with a close eye and see this process grow. Do it earnestly in the name of God with the sole purpose of success in mind and let it go.

If you want to support, please visit:

I expect three things:
1. A hopeful donation of any amount whatsoever
2. For you to visit to the domains above
3. For you to at least assist by way of sharing

The only thing I can ask for is that you support and/or share as well as keep in touch with this campaign and assist in any way you can to be a part of changing history.

Raheem Muhammad
Pain Joy Pain Inc.

Letter & Black/Urban Economic Empowerment Plan
Tuesday, February 14, 2017
To: Representative John Lewis
From: Raheem Muhammad
Re: Black/Urban Economic Empowerment Plan

As salaamu alaikum,
(Peace Be Upon You)

I am of myself what I’d like to be called: An Active-Revolutionist. I am a Muslim, I’m Black and I am an American, born and raised. I reverted to Islam in 1991 at the age of 27. I’m the author of the book “Oh, Say Can You See!?” (Secrets) at the website: www.painjoypain.com
I’m reaching out to you because it seems as though you’re the closest leader we have as Black Americans and because of your history concerning our struggle here in America.

To Proceed:
This Urban Economic Empowerment Plan is being forwarded and hopefully will be reviewed by you and those who would hope for our people. It is a rough draft and is open for suggestions, revisions as well as alterations. Mr. Trump and others seem to be the same as those in the past and I hope that the future of our race is to be placed in our own hands if it is to correspond with the ways and means of all religious entities. Please give your input and reply.

Raheem Muhammad

February 11, 2017

Project Background and Description:

1. By looking at the overall struggle of Blacks in general and analyzing the damage that was done in the past as well as the damage being presently done, by comparing the different times in history when there were signs of light for Blacks in America (Black Wall-street, Rosewood, The Black Panther Party Movement, etc.,) and by knowing the government and other entities secret plans to continuously cripple and/or destroy any truly organized effort as they’ve done in the past, I’ve been inspired to make an attempt to put together this Economic Empowerment Proposal, that if given the assistance of all fore-mentioned parties by way of stopping the blockage and deceasing in its negative efforts, it would solve a lot if not all of the problems in the Black/Urban communities. This proposal is going to need the cooperation of everyone including the Gang, Religious, Political, Social, Economic, all leaders.

2. The purpose is to decrease violence and murder created by the gangs and other non-productive destructive organizations, to establish legitimate businesses and community centers that would help in the mentor-ship of our youth, to put in place a healing as oppose to a band-aid that never completely heals the wounds, our purpose is to tear our dependence away from those who have oppressed us and who never ever had our best interest at hand.

3. Though this plan is etched in stone, it is negotiable to the extent that it self-perfects itself by taking away the bad points while at the same time adding to and with the points that are good and beneficial to the country as a whole. Meaning; we work with the people in the areas where our government and those that mean/meant us harm allows for this self-healing process to be established. All parties affected must be allowed to participate only if they are sincere when it comes to rebuilding and healing the devastation of these tragic times.

4. There shall arise one group that will convene in and orchestrate the direction of this plan and make as one body all decisions as to what’s best for the whole of the people. These individuals shall be initially picked and thereafter they will be voted in by the process determined by the people (Black/Urban).

Economic Financial Account

  1. Economic financial account must be bonded once board is in place
  2. Board members are to be concerned party volunteers of the community
  3. Account must always be completely transparent for public view
  4. All monetary assets (Income, donations, etc.) permanently deposited in one account
  5. Money is never withdrawn from permanent account
  6. Money is borrowed from lending institution to conduct all business transactions
  7. Secondary account will be established to pay employees of established businesses
  8. Secondary account keeps clear of permanent account
  9. Transfers or payments of any kind must have at least all board members signatures
  10. Financial account is controlled by board members
  11. Business establishments and decisions are made by board members after initial business
  12. All businesses established, donated or purchased will remain under entities ownership
  13. Businesses established will produce jobs and pay employees from secondary account
  14. Entity will be the Mother company of the all companies under its ownership
  15. Profits from all businesses owned will recycle into financial account
  16. Loan department will be established for potential borrowers
  17. Scholarship department will be established for potential students
  18. Loan decisions are made based on proven business plans to qualified individuals
  19. Our goal is to establish, stores, shops, schools, housing, community centers, etc.

Project Scope:

1.) Bank Account
• Money should not be questioned as to its origin if coming from cooperating sources contributing to the economic foundation.
• Money deposited is considered donations, grants, awards and entirely tax free.
• All money totally belongs to the establishment and permanently resides with the said entity at whatever bank is chosen except for benefit to the establishment.

2.) Businesses
• Businesses established by and for the whole of the communities with none individually owned through this foundation.
• Businesses established shall be advertised as Black/Urban established businesses so that the people will know and recognize as their own and support.
• Business shall be granted the same access as its competitors so that they can’t be forced out of the market.

3.) Economy
• Money is to be recycled into the system except that being used to pay for the overhead, legalities and jobs created for the people.
• Jobs, production, distribution, or trade, and consumption of goods and services will be first and foremost the sole responsibility of the establishment.
• From the bottom the establishment is to reshape and reform the nation that was torn down.

4.) Future
• Investments must and will be made in scholarships and awards for qualifying individuals.
• An intense focus will be aimed at the youth and their cultivation with the foundation of the true knowledge of themselves.
• The truth must be revealed and the falsehood must be grafted out of them so that their minds will disassociate with the violence systematically implanted within them.

5.) Financial Assistance
• Loans will be offered and approved to qualifying members/Individuals with realistic and proven business plans, whereas binding contracts are signed guaranteeing repayment of loan first and foremost to establishment.
• The welfare system must be revisited as to dismantle and rebuild so that it will fortify as oppose to pacifying so as never making the recipient lazy to the point of self-destructive.
• Entities will be established to aid and assist in finances granting the qualified individual monies to go to potential job interviews, sites, preparations until the first check is earned.

6.) Youth Foundations
• Community centers should be created with the assistance of federal, state, local and any other entities that are willing to assist in the elevation, independence and success of the Black race.
• These centers must be the strange phenomenon and establishing a paradigm shift by teaching the effects as well as establishing the cure behind the so-called Willie Lynch effect.
• They must expose all lies that shaped and molded the thinking processes starting at the root of the fabrications that take away from reality, because imagination should come from within and not forced where it benefits the thieves of our society and destroys the fabric of the people of that society.
High-Level Requirements
Entities to forward Urban Economic Empowerment Plan:
• United States Federal Government
• State, County, and City Councilmen/Representatives
• Religious Leaders
• Gang Leaders
Affected Parties:
This plan will affect all parties that targets the Black/Urban communities with the leech-like blood-sucking tactics that tack away and never replenish or replace.

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We hope that this link of information below detailing what we’re about reach you in the best of health and spirits:

I’d love it if you took a moment to check out my GoFundMe campaign:

Yes we can do as others have done and build up our own Communities, Neighborhoods, Cities, Nations.
Please help this proven plan so that we can take back our independence.

If you’re supportive of this plan of economic empowerment and wish to help please visit our gofundme page. One person $1 or more can grow into a completely independent & transparent example of true Black/Urban economic empowerment and be the example of our ability as a people.


Your support would mean a lot to me. Thank you so much!
Raheem Muhammad

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