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Can you feel it…?
Have you ever felt as though-
The wind has passed through your body
You shiver but you’re not cold?

Can you subdue it…?
Have you ever pushed against-
Aging material things of gravity
You’re never really too old?

Can you see it…?
Have you ever seen as if-
Though not directly, someone’s in your sight
Your peripheral can’t take hold?

Can you explain it…?
Have you ever levitated like-
The Force has lifted you up
You seem to have lost control?

Can you hear it…?
Have you ever heard as loud-
As a whisper: a thought: a voice
You’re being the one who told?

Can you believe it…?
Have you ever trusted life’s-
Spiritual side and then submit
Yourself to The Soul?

If you can,
It’s the biggest step-
To understanding ‘your’ true-self,
To becoming: Powerful.


Copyright©2015 Raheem Muhammad All rights reserved
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The Real Black Voice

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Look between the lines,
Try to see your part.
Poetry and writing are mine.
Truth is in the art





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