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Love poems with a romantic twist

Who Am I

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I am he who I am trying to be
The one against the world,
Because she’s not, you’ll see
And you sexy lady, you’re my girl.
The dreams you’ve manifested
For all of your imaginary best,
Gyrating orgasms having lasted
From this distance is your test.

I am he who I am needed to be
The one revolving around you,
Because I fit inside so perfectly
And your tight grip is the proof.
The visions I’ve written down in art
For all the right side and most,
Pulsating, swelling, penetrating apart
To in you, trying to keep you close.

I am he who I am of my destiny
The one chosen for to see her,
Because like Adam’s for Eve
And one day together, another.
The reality I know of you all mine
For my status in our paradise,
Enjoying you forever as my wife
Referring to the timelessness of time.


Copyright©2015 Raheem Muhammad All rights reserved
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The Real Black Voice

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Look between the lines,
Try to see your part.
Poetry and writing are mine.
Truth is in the art