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It’s spreading like a disease, and we do nothing,
Trying to appease, and condemn God’s trusting
Prophecies being fulfilled, of those not already
Destined to be killed, but not when “we’re” ready.
So much the pain, our worlds unnatural change
Sin being it’s stain, lead by the outright insane.
Of the Holy books, we might as well just forget,
Open to really look? not for real, only for profit.
Saying I’m saved, because the preacher said so
Going to life’s grave, but just going, to and fro.
Out of the dust, everyone’s going to be resurrected
But to put trust, in this man, who’ll fail if tested?
“I’ve” never even read, the whole of God’s book
Who knows what’s said, by the mouth of a crook.
God’s word is true, of the books not tampered with
Still contains a clue, or two, to one confirming this.
They revealed truth, nothing’s new of the terrorist
Secrets all open proof, from an Active Revolutionist.

Four Important Letters
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Epistles to:
The Children of Israel
The Christians
The Muslims
The Others


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Look between the lines,
Try to see your part.
Poetry and writing are mine.
Truth is in the art





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